Cutting & Milling Ironbark Post Rails - Chain Test


We are currently milling Red Ironbark, one of the hardest timbers in Australia for 3"x6" 2.4m fence rails.

Stihl MS660, 25" Tsumura Bar, 36" GB CN40 Titanium Bar, Granberg Mill.

We will be testing chain to determine which chain cuts the fastest, produces the smoothest cut and holds its edge longest.

Chains being tested

Carlton Full Chisel         GB Full Chisel Archer Full Chisel
Carlton Full Chisel Skiptooth GB Semi Chisel        Archer Full Chisel Skiptooth  
Carlton Semi Chisel   Archer Semi Chisel
Carlton Semi Chisel Skiptooth      Archer Semi Chisel Skiptooth
Carlton Semi Chisel Ripping   Archer Ripping

Note: All the carlton chain being tested is the Carlton chain made in USA.

Carlton Full Chisel vs Carlton Full Chisel Skiptooth

Full Chisel

Carlton Full Chisel Skiptooth

Result: Carlton Full Chisel Skiptooth cut faster and produced a smoother cut than Carlton Full Chisel