What is Full chisel ?

These chains have a square profile. They are fast cutting but, due to the fine working corner, easily blunted in abrasive cutting. Square profile chains are primarily designed to cut green

wood. Because of their high cutting speed they are most suited to professional chainsaw users. They require very accurate sharpening, and even small variations from the manufacturer’s recommendations can result in reductions in performance and in safety benefits.


What is Semi-chisel ?

A compromise between round and square profiles. The most versatile of the cutter types, this chain provides the benefit of high performance, reduced vulnerability of the working corner and all of the safety benefits of modern chains. While not as fast cutting as chisel chains, semi-chisel are not as easily blunted. They are widely used, particularly in aboriculture


What is chain gauge?

Chain gauge is the drive link's thickness where it fits into the guide-bar groove. The gauge of the chain and the gauge of the guide bar must match. There are several gauges - .043”, .050", .058”, .063"


What is chain pitch?

Chain pitch is the distance between any three consecutive rivets divided by two. Pitch defines the size of the chain. The drive sprocket must be the same pitch as the chain, and so must the nose sprocket in sprocket-nose bars.  There are several pitches – 3/8LP, .325, 3/8, .404


How do I measure the length (size) of my chain?

The length of your chain is determined by counting the number of drive links.


How do I know what size bar I have?

The bar's cutting length is different from its overall length. The cutting length is the distance from the front of the saw to the tip of the farthest cutter rounded to the nearest inch


How long should the drive sprocket on my saw last?

It's important not to run a new chain on a badly worn drive sprocket as this will stretch the chain. Replace drive sprockets after every two chains, or when the sprocket starts to show sign of wear.


How do I know when my chain is dull, and when should I sharpen it?

A sharp chain will cut large-size chips. A chain that is dull or is damaged will create sawdust.


What is kickback?

Kickback is the violent backward and/or upward motion of the chain saw guide bar occurring when the chain near the nose or tip of the guide bar contacts any object, such as another log or branch, or when the wood closes in and pinches the cutting chain in the cut.