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CN40 Titanium Pro Top

The strongest bar in the world with the hardest wearing rails in the world. One-piece Titanium alloy steel body and the rails are injected with carbon nitride. The nose cartridge side plates are made of Titanium alloy steel that is hardened to CN40 specifications.

GB have discontinued the CN40 bar and upgraded the
Pro Top bar to replace the CN40.

We only have the following CN40 bars remaining (as at 14/3/2017):


SNT20-63PA (x2)
SNT28-63PA (x1)
HVT20-58PA (x1)

SNT20-63VQ (x1)
SNT25-63VQ (x1)

In our clearance bar section we have the below minor water damaged CN40 bars at reduced prices.
HVT36-58PA (x2)
SNT20-63PA (x1)
SLD25-63VQ (x1)